• Online Learning is not the next Big Thing

    it is the now Big Thing

    Donna J.Abernathy

    Donna J.Abernathy

    We are the trusted and experienced partner to provide a comprehensive and state-of-the-art learning solution for cross industries that consists of various components which must be mastered, managed, aligned, linked, and matched to ultimately be optimized to deliver the promised value for our customer's need and objective.

  • Vision


    Being the world class innovative learning solution provider.



    • To provide creative, innovative, and excellent learning method and experience.
    • To provide learning solution that improves and accelerates the people development quality and part of the human capital development strategy.
  • Our Value Proposition



    We are a winner for eLearning Content and Utilities in Indonesia ICT Awards.



    Our affiliation with BINUS Consulting and Asia Treasury brings additional value.



    Dedicated resources with certified specialists.



    International experience in learning solution implementation.

  • Our Key Solutions

    • Learning On-the-Go Models

      Learning On-the-Go Models

      eLearning content on personal mobile devices that built from specially designed strategy and user interface for your needs of learning on your daily mobility, wherever you go.

    • Monitoring Tools and Executive Dashboard

      Monitoring Tools and Executive Dashboard

      Comprehensive system solutions to manage, monitor, and evaluate the activity on mLearning Content integrated with Android OS and iOS.

    • Learning and Content Management System

      Learning and Content Management System

      Comprehensive system solutions to manage learning process, and integrated with application system, such as Raytheon, SAP, Oracle, Cornerstone, Chamilo, Claroline, Moodle, etc.

    • eLearning Content Development

      eLearning Content Development

      With competency and experience as well as skill of development team to deliver the objectioe of eLearning content to meet your eLearning purposes. Mapping with eLearning models, learning objectives, level interactivity, and delivery media channel.

    • Gamification Contents

      Gamification Contents

      Applying game-design thinking to a non-game application in order to engage user with more fun approach and motivate them to achieve the objectives.

    • Off-the-Shelf Contents

      Off-the-Shelf Contents

      Content with general and specific topics already packaged and ready to use for your purposes. You can add some customization in this package to show your corporate’s objectives or characteristics.

    • Consultancy, Training, and Workshop

      Consultancy, Training, and Workshop

      Started with consultancy to define the best learning solution implementation, and enhanced with training and workshop.

  • One Team

    We are committed to deliver quality for our valued customers. We provide dedicated, qualified, and experienced team members, including Senior Learning Consultant, Technology & Multimedia Team, and Maintenance & Support Team. We also utilize various new technologies to perform and deliver high quality results.

  • Our Team Formation

    Structur Organization
  • Our Key Persons

    Budi Kristanto

    Budi Kristanto

    VP Strategic & Business
    Galuh Indah

    Galuh Indah

    Instructional Design Specialist
    Agus Wibowo

    Agus Wibowo

    Technology & Innovation Manager
    Ariyana Vidya

    Ariyana Vidya

    Illustration & Creative Manager
    Asep Badrudin

    Asep Badrudin

    Asst. Animation Manager
    Dewi Roslina

    Dewi Roslina

    Instructional Design Manager
  • Since 2006, we have done 1,200+ eLearning hours worth of development in eLearning Content, Learning Management System implementation and training in various industries, and Instructional Design training and workshop for SMEs. 
    We provide a comprehensive and end-to-end Learning solution implementation, by working together with experts and the largest private university in Indonesia.

    We are your partner in eLearning solution implementation.

  • Our Clients

    Australian AID
    Kompas Gramedia
    Jasa Raharja
    Cengkaren Golf Club


    Asian Banking School
    PT CNI
    Sequis Life
    Kementerian Pertanian (Kementan)
    Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI/IDX)
    Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI)
    International Organization for Migration
    Direktorat Jenderal Pajak
    PT Inotech Indo
    Bank Central Asia (BCA)
    BNI Syariah
    Bank Muamalat
    and many more...
  • Testimonials

    Eka Sukmansyah
    “CSE telah mengembangkan eLearning dengan baik dan comply terhadap Raytheon Professional Services LMS sehingga telah digunakan oleh seluruh karyawan GM di Indonesia. ”
    Eka Sukmansyah

    Sales Training Manager

    Patricia Thornhill
    “I have been very impressed with Centrinova’s professionalism and delivery to date. Very happy so far with their performance. ”
    Patricia Thornhill

    Quarantine Technical Adviser

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